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Japanese Language Proficiency Test – Akarui Group

Japanese Language Proficiency Test – Akarui Group

In this rapidly changing and advancing world, it is necessary to cope up with the changes to succeed in life. If one not update with the changes then he/she will fall back in the lead of the race. Here it comes the need to learn new languages especially Japanese to firm your position in the world.

The Japanese language is gaining much fame in recent times because most of the companies are from Japan. And their way of working and technology is also latest and way too convenient. Thus people want to learn and excel in the Japanese Language. Here come the Akarui Group to cater to you the best Japanese language course in Gurgaon.

Akarui Group

There are other institutions also who are providing the Japanese language course. One can cross-examine and choose the one that best suits them.

With us, learning is not just about completing the syllabus but also a fun course. We make every course interesting. Making learning boring is not the right way to get the stuff in your veins. We understand the need of the time.

Thus, students not only just learn things with us but also get the chance to test themselves through different proficiency tests. This enables both the students and the teachers to know where the students actually stand. Are their performance upgrading or not.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test – JLPT

The JLPT test was developed in Japan to assess, confirm, and verify the ability of the Japanese language of non-native speakers and Japanese Learners. There are different levels in the JLPT exam viz:-

  • N1
  • N2
  • N3
  • N4
  • N5

Where the Japanese language proficiency test N5 being the easiest level. And then the hierarchy of easiest to toughest rises from N5 to N1. The JLPT N1 exam is the most challenging and difficult. All these levels are awarded and recognized worldwide.

N5 is designed for beginners. They learn basic rudiments of Japanese Grammer. And here they get to learn almost 400-500 Japanese words.

In N4 they get to learn and comprehend conversations encountered in daily life. Approximately 1500 Japanese words are catered to the students.

In N3, one can read, listen, and comprehend conversations in everyday situations. Students get to learn about 3000-4000 Japanese words.

In N2, it is the advanced level where you will get to learn about 6000 words. Once you have done this level you will be acknowledged to have the ability of upper intermediate Japanese conversation.

And obviously, N1 is the most complicated and sophisticated level of all.

Along with the proficiency test, a Japanese language translator course is also there. One can also go for this if he/she feels interested and attracted.

Thus, anyone wanting to be a professional in the Japanese language, then they must go for this proficiency test. Once you are done with all the levels then you can proudly say that you are proficient in it and can add up this to your resume and have your head high.

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