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Kanji Learning

Kanji Learning

Kanji Learning

  • First of all you need to understand what is kanji.. In simple words kanji is just the symbol or drawing having complete meaning in itself.
  • You can learn it by giving meaning in your own accordance making it easier to learn.

For example:-

By making it familiar with your own understandings..You can learn it more easier

  • To learn the Kanji you have to practice it, write it as much as possible if you will not practice you won’t be able to learn it
  • You need to be very careful with Strokes. A single mistake in the strokes will make the kanji unreadable. Let’s understand the stroke with the help of an example given below



Above shown is the kanji of Uma (horse)…  Each stoke has given sequence number. You have to learn each stroke in a same sequence.


The more you practice, more you will be able to learn the kanji

  • One more thing you need to understand is that single kanji has different meaning but when it is combined with some other kanji, the meaning get changed.

Let’s understand it with the help of an example

Shown above is the combination of two kanji which means Nihon (Japan)

But when you read it separately the first kanji means Nichi which means day. The second one means hon which means Book.

But as we combined it together the meaning has been changed.

So, for practicing Kanji u need to learn both Onyomi and Kunyomi sound of a Kanji.

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