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Visa support – Akarui

Why Japan?

Japan is famous for its culture, technology and faster growth. Willing to study in Japan will be a great path to change your life-experience. Japan is known for the safest country in the world and its low-cost education fee.

Here are few more points to know the benefits of studying in Japan:

  1. Japan has a great demand for foreigners to work in Japan.
  2. Learning Japanese in Japan, opens the door to work in Japanese companies in Japan or in your own home country.
  3. After learning Japanese, student can opt for other vocational courses.
  4. While studying in Japan, one can do the part-time job to enhance the command on language and also can earn more than 1,10,000/-JPY.
  5. After learning Japanese, one can easily opt for business opportunities from or to Japan.

Learning abroad makes an individual independent and experienced to the different culture, technologies and exposure to people of different country.

Why Akarui Group?

We have been supporting students to accomplish their dream to study abroad since more than 4years. In accordance to find the best Japanese school and Japanese college in Japan, we have always provided our best support to applicants. We support your dream, your study as well as your career in abroad or in India.

Akarui Group stands with you to support the applicants.

  1. Our supporting and the dedicated team guides you from selecting best Japanese school and college to the visa application,
  2. And further co-ordinates with respective Japanese colleges and schools for your ease arrival and comfortable living in Japan including getting the lodging and part-time jobs.
  3. Japanese language test and interview preparations.
  4. Employment opportunity support

Latest batch for Akaruin’s in Japan 2021

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