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Enhance your Japanese language and Skills at Akarui Group

Enhance your Japanese language and Skills at Akarui Group

Want to enhance your skills? Want to learn a new language and confused to decide which one to go for? Don’t worry about it at all. Akarui group has paved a path for you to new opportunities. Our institute is famous for its best teachings. The Japanese language is in great trend and we are specialized in the Japanese language.

People from all over the world are attracted to learning the Japanese language. Especially in the corporate world. Multinational companies are preferring the Japanese language over any other language in recent times because most of the companies are from Japan. And companies from Japan have advanced technologies because of which companies want to work with them.

In such a scenario it becomes important for you to learn Japanese as well. It not only help you enhance your skills but also helps you in mental development.

Akarui stands for knowledge and brightness in Japanese. And our institute fulfills its name. We aim to provide the best skills to our students for their brighter future. Our institute is well known as the Japanese Language Institute in Gurgaon – Akarui Group. No other institute so far has able to give us a cutthroat competition.

Facilities provided by us

We help our students in every possible way we can. We provide practical advice and easy solutions for our student’s concerns. We help them to clear their doubts on how to find a job or to know about study programs in Japan. We help them to learn the behavior and accent of Japanese people and how to deal with Japanese locality or clients.

Not only this we frequently conduct language tests to check the performance of the students. This not only helps us to know the student’s strengths but also their weakness. And where they are facing problems. This also helps them to measure their skills. And for bright students, it boosts up their confidence.

And we make sure to finish the course on time. This enables participants to clearly follow their planned timeline. The courses are provided by us throughout the year. And there is a wide range of courses that are offered by us. One can choose according to his/her interest and preferences. Each course has its own advantages. One can easily know about them on our website.

If a student has earlier taken a course from somewhere else we check their communication level in Japanese to exactly know about their ideas in the course and where they truly stand. It helps us to sharpen their skills effectively.

Why only we?

There are many reasons why a student chose our institute over any other institute catering to Japanese courses. Some of them are highlighted below:-

  • Best teachers and faculties – Our faculties are the best experts in India. They are dedicated professionals. Our teachers are superb in training Japanese language and communication skills.
  • Effective learning – We do not make learning boring. The learning process catered by us is creative and enjoyable.
  • Individual focus – We help each student to discover their strengths and help them to work upon their weaknesses.
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