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Benefits of studying Japanese in a Language School in India

Benefits of studying Japanese in a Language School in India

Why learn Japanese?

This is the question that is asked multiple times. Learning a new language is full of adventure, excitement, thrill, and challenges and it has multiple benefits. All this can be said about Japanese as a language. But there is something very special about the Japanese language which makes it one of the most favorable languages to learn in India.

Career-wise, the Japanese language is one of the top 5 most favorable languages to study. Roughly 120 million Japanese speakers are there in Japan and other areas like Korea, Taiwan, England, Canada, Brazil, the USA, and the Philippines also have a considerable size. One of the most widely used languages on the Internet, Japanese is both colorful and vigorous in its cultural context.

Japan is also the world leader in popular sectors like automobiles, animation, consumer electronics, optical media, semiconductor manufacturing, and more. Prominent brands like Sony, Honda, Panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba, Casio, and more are Japan-based companies and entering into the Indian market like never before. If you can learn Japanese in India, then communication with potential clients, customers, and colleagues will be facilitated and Japanese language speaking and writing skills will open many job opportunities for you.

Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and many other cities ask for the Japanese language in resume. Also, a Japanese language course in Gurgaon is easy to find and can be availed to add this skill to the portfolio.

Another compelling reason to enroll in a Japanese language course is that Japan provides one of the best education systems in the world. OECD has ranked Japan’s high school students number one for maths and number 2 for scientific literacy. If by learning Japanese you can get a seat in Japan’s college and university, it will improve your employability criteria. Jobs like Japanese speakers, Japanese translators, transcribers, and many more are there to be filled by people having good knowledge of the Japanese language. Thanks to its outstanding academic tradition and pioneering research and innovation, Japan has Asia’s highest number of Nobel Prize Winners.

Due to the complexity of the language and popularity of Japan, jobs like Japanese translator and Japanese interpreter is ever increasing. Commerce, business, industrial houses, media, and diplomatic missions, and many other sectors are using Japanese translators and interpreters daily to facilitate their work.

Based on all of these features we can say that now is high time to learn the Japanese language in India and the Akarui Group is there to help you at every step. They provide the best Japanese Language Course in India at affordable rates with all the modules.

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