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Course Overview

The classes for JLPT N4 in Gurgaon is best at Akarui Centre for Japanese language. Course for JLPTN4 doesn’t only include the JLPT N4 syllabus and it’s practices. But also, it includes complete knowledge revision of JLPT N5. Akarui Centre for Japanese language do the revision of JLPT N5 and then start with new syllabus of JLPT N4. So that, students should have clear knowledge of basics of Japanese language.
JLPT N4 has add on of wide vocabulary, grammar patterns and more 250 kanji characters. JLPT N4 is useful for students focusing on enhancing the command on Japanese speaking or want to join Japanese speaking classes. It hasgood vocabulary useful at work. JLPT N4 has more cultural knowledge of Japan. Also, the very important point is here JLPT N4 is the base for other further levels of Japanese language.

Course summary

Basis Writing, Reading & Listening Japanese Language
Hiragana, Katakana and few basic Kanji Characters
Practical knowledge of using Japanese greetings
Understanding of Japanese Culture through virtual methods such as audios, videos and role-plays.
Basic and Daily uses of Japanese Vocabulary and Grammar


At Akarui Centre for Japanese Language we keep specialized pattern for JLPT N4 students and gives more practices of enhancing command on Japanese Language. In order to enhance understanding of Japanese Culture through virtual methods like, audio & videos, as well as more doing roleplays- we keep specialized conversation sessions with Japanese natives.

Japanese language with JLPT N4 means the growth in understanding Japanese language. Hence, one is able to start and end the conversation in Japanese using appropriate greetings and gestures. Though it will not be so fast but also not very slow in understanding and speaking in Japanese language at little comfortable speaking speed of a Japanese native.

JLPT N4 Vocabulary

JLPT N4 is the upper basic and lower intermediate level of Japanese language proficiency test. It includes basic as well as work and culture knowledge. Akarui Centre for Japanese Language provides books for Vocabulary and keeps the follow up with taking test regularly. JLPT N4 Vocabulary has approximately 1200 words. But JLPT N4 vocabulary covers daily greetings in Japanese language, formal conversation, requesting conversational approaches etc. Hence, this helps students to get confident in understanding the situational Japanese very well.

JLPT N4 Grammar

JLPT N4 has intermediate grammar understandings. It means it includes additional Japanese grammar, short sentence compositions in Japanese & includes approximately 90 Japanese language grammar patterns. We explain grammar while teaching in the class by conversing and explaining the use of grammar in Japanese. Also, our Japanese Centre we make students to do the sentence making by their own in Japanese language & do the group discussions, etc. Akarui Centre for Japanese language provides proper set of books for JLPT N4, includes grammar practice book, by which that students can do the self-practice by their own. Hence, by Japanese Intermediate level course one can achieve good understanding on Grammar compositions & understanding of conversation in Japanese language.

JLPT N4 listening

The listening for Japanese language proficiency test (JLPT) N4 has little fast speed of conversation than JLPT N5 listening- students have to revise the N5 vocabulary & grammar, also the N4 vocabulary and N4 grammar. As well as, the greetings & etiquettes used in Japanese Language plays important role and scoring point in JLPT N4 exam.
At Akarui Centre for Japanese Language located in Gurgaon, students do Japanese listening practice every day in their Japanese language classes. Also plasticized & enhanced with speaking and listening understanding into Japanese while speaking to Japanese sensei in classes. We make students proficient and help students to have excellent understanding in listening & speaking both.

Start On July 6, 2019
Duration 3 Month & 6 Months
Level Beginner
Institution Akarui Centre For Japanese Language
Branch Gurgaon

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